Daddy's Sping Bake

*or "Spring Break" for those of you who like to articulate your r-blends*

Last week was Elijah's Spring Break.  Ooh, it was glorious.  No trips to the beach or fancy plans here - just playing in the backyard and riding bikes in circles on the deck and learning about Tetrus on Daddy's phone.

The girls learning about Tetrus.
Apparently, Lu would rather flash her cheesy smile than play video games.

And walking.  Lots and lots of walking.

The weather couldn't have been better.  We took full advantage and walked through the neighborhood, at the greenway, through Cheekwood and Percy Warner Park.  We walked in the rain.  We walked in the gorgeous sunshine.  Lu got a free ride strapped to me or nestled in her stroller.  Sometimes the big girls took their own babies in their strollers and mothered them about.  It was sweet, and blessed, and we are Definite-yee (as my girls say- what, you articulate your l-sounds, too?) missing Daddy as he is back at work this week.  Can anyone say, "Summer Vacation"?  I know my girls can.


the dreams that you wish

We love going to Storytime at the downtown library.  It is fabulous - puppets and songs, juggling and rainbows and books.  The girls and I have developed a little post-Storytime tradition of visiting the fountain in the library courtyard.  If they're lucky, I have 2 pennies for wishes.  And my sweet girls don't know yet that you're not supposed to tell what you wished for.

So last week, after Aida and Sophie took turns looking hard at their pennies and tossing them in (with feeling!), I asked them: "What did you wish for?"

Aida replied, "I wished that Lucy (Yucy) will be a teacher."
Sophie, looking thoughful, answered, "I wished that Lucy (Yucy)...could eat potatoes."

Somewhere along the line, while I was pregnant with Lu, my big girls got "wish" and "prayer" a bit muddled.  The line can be fuzzy, anyway.  And while Lucy was quietly gestating, her sweet big sisters were offering up prayers on her behalf - that she would be healthy and strong and safe.  Once she was born, they continued to pray for her - that she would get better from a cold, or have long hair.  (One day, my darlings.)  Any time they "make a wish", it is about and for Lucy - more prayers offered up from innocent lips for their beloved baby.

Oh, my girls, I wish that I was better at hanging onto these sweet moments, at remembering every detail - the way hair wisps and curls at temples, the freckles on a nose, the crooked teeth and rosy cheeks and hilarious smiles.  I wish - I pray - that I will not take these days with you for granted, even when it's not fun and fountains and wishes.  I wish that you will know just how much this Mama treasures you.

A lot.  A whole, whole lot.