No, we have not begun consuming ridiculous amounts of alchol.  (We have, however, been going through ridiculous amounts of baby wipes.)

The Reynolds clan is packing up and heading out - out of this sweet little home that we love and into another home that we love.  We're moving in with my grandparents - Mimi and Granddaddy - to be with them and help them and learn from them, to give our girls wide open spaces to play in and to be a 3-minute walk from our church, the place we go for healing and rest and peace on this journey.

So, while I would love to blog about our family vacation in FL last week (lovely) and our 7th anniversary (I sure do love this guy) and all of the silly and funny things these 3 girls are doing (love love love) I can't.  Because I'm packing.  And going crazy.
I wish I could hide under a box.

Pray for us!  We'll be back in blogland soon.