These little cuties started kindergarten today.  How did that happen?

They picked out their clothes last night and we laid them out in piles on the toychest.  As Aida pulled her shirt over her head this morning she noticed her pocket.  These girls love pockets because these girls love tiny treasures that fit inside pockets.  She immediately began the search for something to tuck into hers, but Kindergarten has rules and in Kindergarten you can only bring toys on Friday for Show and Tell (oh, the world gets so mean as you grow up!).

Thinking quickly, I piped up, "I can put a little heart in your pocket."  We dashed into my room, pulled out the arts and crafts bin, rifled around for some orange and pink paper and cut out 2 tiny hearts.  I whipped out my pencil and wrote, "I love you.  Love, Mommy"  We slipped them in.

"Yeah!" shouted Aida.  "This way, if I ever need to remind myself that you're coming back to get me, I can pull out my heart and remember."

Oh, melt my heart, little girl, this heart that beats love within and through and out of me each day for you and your sisters.

But how DID they get so big?