making a little noise

So I've been quiet in this corner of the universe for awhile.  And there are many reasons for this.  My responsibilities have expanded, the number of minutes in each hour has not.  By the time we get the girls tucked in bed and the kitchen cleaned and lunches made and dogs attended to, bathrooms cleaned and grocery lists decoded and the news from downstairs blaring in my ears - well, I'm just really tired and not very likely to sit down at this silly computer and do much reflecting.  And a little bit of quiet seems attractive - no, necessary - in this new life we live.

Mostly, though, I'm finding it complicated to write about our life because it now involves 2 people who are grown adults, who I love very much, who deserve to have their dignity maintained and their privacy respected and a say about what gets written and posted about them on this World Wide Web.  (I suppose my children might argue the same thing about themselves some day!)  It feels inauthentic, though, to write about our life as if they aren't a part of it, and so sometimes it seems easier to just not write.

I miss it, though, this blogging thing.  I miss recording our sweet little life for friends and family and for my children to look back on.  I miss the way that writing about a difficult day gives me some perspective and makes it a bit easier to see God's hand in it all.  So I'm going to try to carve out some time here and there to visit this space.  No promises of a schedule or a certain number of posts per month.  Just the time, when I have it, to say thank you for this.

And this, too.