for my 5 year olds

Dear Aida and Sophie,

Yesterday you turned 5.  Sometimes it leaves me speechless when I think about the day you entered this world and made me a Mama, and the ways in which you have grown since then, the ways in which I have grown.

We celebrated you right this weekend, with all things pink (Sophie's favorite color) and orange (Aida's favorite).  Friends and a pool and 2 cakes with rainbow candles and My Little Ponies and new bikes and only 1 hysterical-excitement-almost-became-a-huge-meltdown.  It comes with the 5-year-old territory.

Girls, this is a huge time of change for you.  Huge.  You have held up tremendously as we have thrown you into a new environment which is filled with fun and blessings - beautiful scenery in which to ride you bikes each day, a creek to throw things in and fresh air and safety and adventure to breathe - but which is also filled with challenges and unknowns and loud noises - none of which you have ever been very excited about.  I know you are being stretched, and while I sometimes wish I could make everything simple and easy for you, I know that this is good, too.  And I am working hard to be your peace and your home and your safe place in the midst of it all.

And tomorrow you start school!  My 5 year olds, going to pre-K and away from Mommy for the first time ever.   I know you will cry tomorrow.  I know I will, too - I will miss my faithful companions of the last 5 years.  But I also know that this is something else that will be so good for you.  That when we reach the end of this year and you are on the cusp of 6 I will once again be speechless as I consider the ways that you've grown.

Little Loves, I thank God for the gift of each of you in my life.  And now I'm going to go into your room to play some My Little Ponies with you.

Love, Mama

(The girls insisted I take this picture after they had lined up their new ponies.  Because we need to record the really important stuff, you know.)