for Emmie, who puts everything in her mouth

Things I’m Learning from my 1 year old

Focus on what you want and single-mindedly pursue it.  When you have it in hand, work like crazy to protect it.

Don’t worry about falling – on your butt or your face – during the pursuit, and definitely don’t worry about whether anyone else sees how ridiculous you look.  Focus.

If you lose what you were pursuing, it’s okay to cry about it. 

But then get on with it.  Find something that makes you giggle, or locate a new passion.  Be flexible with your dreams, and don’t feel too bad about abandoning one for another.

Or, just single-mindedly pursue the old dream.  Some things are worth an infinite amount of effort.

Things I would like my 1 year old to Learn from Me

We don’t eat sidewalk chalk.  Gross.

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